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Eccles Saw uses the PVD coating process known as cathodic arc. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is characterized by the creation of a metal vapor that can be reacted with different gases to form a thin film coating. The most common PVD methods used today are arc deposition and sputtering. Both processes are carried out under high vacuum conditions within a coating chamber.

GoldCut TiN Coating (Titanium Nitride)This coating has become the choice for general machining and wear applications. It works well when sawing various carbon steels. The saw blade life span is increased by reducing the coefficient of friction (lower heat) and increasing the surface hardness.

Hardness: 2200 Hv
Friction Coefficient: 0.5
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Wear Resistance: Excellent
Color: Gold

BluCut TiCN (Titanium Carbon Nitride)This coating provides higher abrasion resistance and a lower friction coefficient than TiN, or TiAlN, but it has a lower temperature threshold. It is superior to the TiN when sawing stainless steels, high nickel alloys and non-ferrous materials.

Hardness: 3000 Hv
Friction Coefficient: 0.04
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Wear Resistance: Excellent
Color: Violet

SteelMaster TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride)This coating has the highest temperature resistance of any of the coatings available. It also provides a high degree of surface hardness and maintains that hardness at elevated temperatures. It is the coating of choice when you are dry cutting or sawing titanium alloys, inconel, stainless alloys and cast iron.

Hardness: 3600 Hv
Friction Coefficient: 0.6
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Wear Resistance: Excellent
Color: Black