Scotchman CPO 315 HFA (hitch feed automatic)

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Scotchman CPO 315 HFA (hitch feed automatic)

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* Fully Automatic Cycle
* Push Button Controls Actuate the Complete Cycle
* 5 H.P. Variable RPM Speed Control (Ferrous Model)
* 3.8 H.P. – 3,000 RPM (Non-Ferrous Model)
* Interlocking Safety Hood
* Clamping Both Sides of Blade – Highest Quality, Burr-Free Cuts
* Blade Guides for Accurate Tolerances (Ferrous Model)
* Flood Coolant (Ferrous Model)
* Mist Coolant (Non-ferrous Model)
* Adjustable Stroke Control on the Saw Head
* Adjustable Down Feed Control on the Saw Head for Feed Pressure and Feed Rate
* Piece Counter
* Length Scale in Both Inches and Metric
* Quick and Easy Fine Adjustment Length Setting
* Warranty: One Year Parts
* Made in USA

Optional Features:
Form Jaws for Multiple Tubes
Digital Read-out for Quick Easy Length Setting
Ten Foot or Twenty Foot Material Supply Track